Amurekimuri performed at Interference-2011 music festival

On Aug 20, 2011 Amurekimuri performed at Interference-2011 annual music festival that took place at Treasure Island club by the sea in Odessa, Ukraine.

More than twenty musicians participated in the festival, both experienced and beginners, performing in different musical styles, from Odessa as well as other Ukrainian and Russian cities.

Amurekimuri always participates in Interference festivals with love and delight. This time they played a cover for Mojave 3's Mercy song, specially prepared for the festival; the songs from Amurekimuri's debut album were performed as well.

Thanks to everybody who shared with us those three wonderful unforgettable nights by the sea at the Treasure Island club. Thanks to all guests and participants, to all brilliant, original, emotional musicians who gladden and surprised us with their music so much. Thanks to the people who came and stayed with us until dawn, especially to those who arrived from far away. Thanks to everybody who came up with the idea of the festival, planned and organized this Music Magic, to everybody who made a reality of the dream and brought us together. Thanks for pleasant and wonderful moments and revelations, for decent sound, for the holiday of joy and inspiration. Thanks! See you again!



A sea of lights is melting beneath the flying up plane
I’m closing my eyes and dreaming of the minute I see you again
And nothing changes even if we are so far
Whatever happens, you’ll always be in my heart

When I’m feeling too silenced and blue
I write invisible letters for you
My dear friends…

Well, I urgently need your presence
Funny jokes, smiling eyes, helping hands
My dear friends…

A flock of birds has brought the sunset to golden fields
It makes me peering into horizon and feeling like I’m a kid
Like nothing changed like nothing bad was left behind
Whatever happens, you’ll always be in my mind

When I’m joyful and flying so high
I want to share it in the bright sunny sky
With my friends…

In joy and sorrow I’m staying with you
You’re my shelter, my fortress and my cure
My dear friends…

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